Month: November 2021

Marketing Planning Part 1

Assessing your 2021 marketing performance

Reflecting society at large, marketing has had another topsy-turvy year. Pandemic recovery is still under way. Supply chains are out of whack. Consumer confidence is on the rise but buying habits have changed, perhaps forever. So how in the world are you supposed to create a marketing plan for your business or organization in this …

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Measuring strategic communications

Marketing is all about metrics. Data-driven research, planning and implementation are the keys to successful campaigns. Paid advertising has many ways to track results. Digital campaigns can produce an immense amount of data. Clicks, conversions, shares, likes, impressions, interactions and much more – a treasure trove to understand trends and make decisions. While strategic communications, …

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Applying strategic communications to your next campaign

Our last blog introduced you to strategic communications and the benefits of earned media in marketing campaigns. We mentioned how tactics like news releases, media interviews, community engagement, events, social media posts, videos, photos, blogs, speeches, word of mouth, influencer engagement, crisis communications and more can accelerate and amplify your messages to your key audiences. …

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Strategic Communication

Strategic communications: A primer

Reaching your audiences where they are requires deft research and planning. With myriad media and limitless digital options, it’s harder than ever to figure out where to best spend your limited time, effort and money to reach your stakeholders. At the same time, the nation’s growing diversity demands alternatives to one-size-fits-all marketing solutions. The communications …

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