Applying strategic communications to your next campaign

Our last blog introduced you to strategic communications and the benefits of earned media in marketing campaigns.

We mentioned how tactics like news releases, media interviews, community engagement, events, social media posts, videos, photos, blogs, speeches, word of mouth, influencer engagement, crisis communications and more can accelerate and amplify your messages to your key audiences.

But how does it work to make your next marketing campaign truly integrated?

Let’s say you’re launching a new consumer product. Sure, you’ll consider a digital ad campaign and some social media ads. Depending on the product you may invest in print or broadcast advertising, out-of-home ads or other methods.

But that’s not enough. Given the fact that we are bombarded with thousands of messages a day it can be challenging to cut through the clutter with traditional advertising. It must make an impact to attract the attention of your audience.

Enter strategic communications. Given the above example, earned media will supplement those efforts. For example:

  • A YouTube video with the benefits and advantages of the product.
  • A news release targeting local, national or industry media.
  • A series of social media posts to supplement sponsored posts.
  • Blogs about the new product and the story – and people – behind it.
  • A trade show presence to show off the new product.
  • Media outreach to get the product featured on television, radio or print media.
  • A podcast interview with the product designer.
  • A newsletter update to your subscribers.
  • Offering the product to online influencers to try so they can crow about it to their fans.

This is just the start. With both strategy and creativity, these tactics will help to provide more context and content to any announcement you have. This approach is completely scalable and customizable to meet your specific needs.

The communications toolbox has never been bigger – so be sure you’re using all the tools to maximize your results.

Thomas Becher, APR, is ECU’s Director of Marketing and PR Services. He has extensive experience helping organizations integrate strategic communications to their marketing mix. Thomas can be reached at [email protected].


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