Creating your 2022 marketing plan

In the last blog we encouraged you to consider new options to enhance your marketing. Now we’ll provide some tips to help you create your marketing plan for 2022.

Armed with research about your current-year results, expert knowledge about your audience, and awareness of new marketing tools, it’s time to piece it all together.

Step 3: The marketing plan

Marketing plans can be as simple or complex as your business and target audiences. Here are some things to consider when designing your next plan:

  • Know your goals and objectives. Your marketing plan must reflect your company or organization’s business goals. Don’t develop a plan until you understand sales goals, mission requirements and other high-level company plans.
  • Know what worked and what didn’t. In a previous blog we provided some advice about measuring success. A solid marketing plan considers the positives and negatives of the previous year’s plan.
  • Determine a budget. This is an oft-asked question – how much should I spend on marketing? While that varies by organization, industry and location, the general rule of thumb is to consider 7 to 8 percent of your gross revenue for marketing budgets.
  • Seasonal considerations. Advertising, particularly in the digital sphere, is subject to seasonal sways. Advertising costs go up prior to Christmas, when you’ll be competing more with other advertisers for prime space and keywords. In 2022, mid-term elections will spawn a wave of political ads – again, taking away from inventory. And your own company – based on overall financial goals – likely has a seasonal aspect that requires marketing support.
  • Focus on digital. The vast majority of your advertising should be digital. It’s where people find you no matter where they are. But don’t exclusively market on digital channels. Consider traditional media if your audience demands it. And don’t forget about media relations, blog creation, events and in-person gatherings as Covid restrictions evolve.
  • Make your picks. The growing communications toolbox we mentioned in our last blog makes it more challenging to find the right advertising vehicles. You may need some outside help to evaluate the best options for you.
  • Be flexible. This will be another challenging year for everyone. Build your marketing plan with flexibility for things like additional pandemic shutdowns, new competition, new products and services and, as always, additional advertising opportunities.

Contact us to help you create a marketing plan that checks all the boxes.


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