Delivering your messages

Our last two blogs covered key messages – what they are and why they’re important to explain and promote your business.

We’ll now focus on delivering those messages in person or during online video calls, especially as – we hope – industry and networking events and activities come back into play during 2022.

Just reciting talking points isn’t enough. You may need a refresher on how to deliver those messages. Here are some things to consider as you practice your key messages or prepare for networking opportunities:

  • Tone of voice. Of course, you want to be professional but in doing so be sure your tone matches your personal and company brand. Speak enthusiastically (but not too much), be authoritative but not demeaning, and watch the speed of your voice. Too fast and no one will remember anything. Too slow and your 15-second chance to make an impression is a wasted opportunity.
  • Body language. Be approachable, not standoffish. Stand up straight. Don’t stand too close or too far away. Exude confidence with body language that builds trust and rapport.
  • Hand gestures. You can’t speak enthusiastically about your company when your hands are in your pockets. Don’t be afraid to use hand gestures for emphasis. Not too much, of course, to distract your audience, but don’t hide those hands behind you or a podium.
  • Facial expressions. When talking about your work and your company – even if it’s serious business – don’t forget to smile. Show an open face that’s receptive to talking – extend that enthusiasm you have for your work to your eyes and mouth.
  • Authenticity. Marketing today is about being authentic. Being truthful, honest and open. When it comes to delivering your message, authenticity builds trust and respect – key principles to make new connections and win new business.


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