Developing your recruitment marketing strategy

Similar to Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) marketing, recruitment marketing is about attracting potential candidates and nurturing them along the way to increase the life time value (LTV) of your hires. You want to make sure you’re creating a clear, concise message that resonates with your target audience – in this case, those interested in working for your company. Once they know what it is like to work there from all of these different perspectives, you need to find ways of making them feel special as well.

Initiating Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy:

A recruitment marketing strategy should sound something like this:

  • Get people engaged by identifying their motivations through content.
  • Increase exposure on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Provide an opportunity for feedback at every stage before reaching out personally or hiring someone else.
  • Aim for retention and motivation when employees are hired so they stay loyal to your brand while you cut back on attrition.

The key recruitment marketing channels

When you’re first starting out, don’t worry about tackling everything all at once. Start with the places where you have a presence and make sure those channels amplify your brand – then keep growing from there.

Your career pages

Company career pages can be boring. They usually consist of a few static pages on the website listing open positions. But what if you could provide more information on available positions and highlight some of the benefits your company offers to potential employees? This can make a huge difference in whether you’ll attract qualified candidates and drive them to apply for your open positions.

We’ve found that taking job seekers from being passive to active in their search helps them find more information about your company and, ultimately, boosts conversion rates.

The first step is making sure you have an up-to-date career page with content for each specific role so candidates can learn what it takes to succeed at the position. The second thing we recommend doing is providing plenty of ways for candidates to apply – one application doesn’t work for everyone!


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