Recruitment Advertising

We help clients find the right people for every job.

For nearly every organization, finding and hiring talented people is a business imperative. The right talent can bring even the most ambitious goals to life. Without it, the status quo is hard to shake.

People power performance

ECU helps clients develop and execute strategies to meet a variety of recruitment needs. We can launch nationwide awareness campaigns to elevate an employer brand, facilitate local partnerships to bolster talent pipelines, or deliver targeted marketing solutions that enhance online and offline interactions with prospective hires. Working with us, clients are able to find and keep the talent they need to maintain a resilient workforce—today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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How to Diversify Your Workforce

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Employee Recruitment – Getting Creative

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Strategic communications: A primer

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Measuring success

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Developing your recruitment marketing strategy

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How to recruit top talent in today’s competitive market

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Your Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing

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Don’t Forget the ‘Human’ in the Recruiting Process

Many people have taken time during the pandemic to reflect on their careers. Some may not come back to work while others have decided to focus on professional advancement.

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