Headed in the Best Digital Marketing Direction?

Digital Marketing Direction
GPS – Great Performing Strategy

Are you headed in the best digital marketing direction?  In today’s (and tomorrow’s) marketing world, digital is king. You already know that as a business owner or digital marketing specialist, and as a consumer. But if digital marketing is king, advancement in that sphere is the queen. The queen is always nudging her king forward on the best pathways for their online outreach monarchy. While the king may be driving the state limousine, the queen is right in the front seat listening intently to the GPS (Great Performing Strategy) system. And you’d better believe that the GPS is constantly recalculating for the best route for digital marketing.

ECU offers some key tips for crafting a Great Performing Strategy that helps your organization reach that place on the horizon that you define as success.

Empower Your Organic Google Search Results

Google Search


It’s a basic part of any online marketing and outreach plan, so we might as well start here. We trust that you’re on top of your SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  To stay on top, you’re always analyzing best-performing keywords and refining your list of top search terms accordingly. But did you know that  Google has recently made changes to their algorithms?  It’s namely focusing on natural language people use in search terms.  Your best or current SEO efforts may land your website on page three or four of results, when you used to pop to the top.  It’s not a punishment for using existing SEO tactics; it’s Google’s way to help you (and users) find better results for searched keywords. Speak to your Google representative about these changes and how to put them to work for your organization.


And Don’t Forget About Paid Search

Yes, we know, sometimes “paid” is just an ugly, four-letter word. But it must be part of your online strategy conversation to help fill out a well-rounded digital marketing plan. While it obviously does involve a cost outlay, the good news is that like all other digital outreach, paid search is so easy now to precisely monitor for performance and allow you to adjust your marketing budget allocation in virtually real time. There used to be an old saying in the advertising industry:  “Half of all ad spending is effective, and half is a waste. The problem is, nobody knows which half is which.” Thankfully, that’s no longer true.

Content Blogging. It Works (You’re Benefitting from It Right Now!)Strategic Communication

Stop procrastinating start writing! Presenting your company, nonprofit or government entity as a reliable source of third-party information is a “back door” way to build brand trust. Google places prominent importance on thoroughly-researched, frequent blog posts written in approachable language that’s conversational and not jargon-heavy, so content is easy to digest for the average blog reader. And wow, does this tactic pay off! Content marketing costs 62% less than other outbound messaging yet generates triple the number of leads – and commands six times the conversion rates versus other online outreach methods. In fact, small businesses using regularly-scheduled blog posts generate 126% more leads than those that don’t post blogs at all.   And don’t be taken in by the old trope that shorter blogs appeal best to the housefly attention span of most Internet users. Long-form content of 3,000 words or more gets 77% more backlinks than short blog posts.

Make Yourself Omni-Present

Omni-channel marketing, using a consistent brand voice across all digital media, helps web users cut through the clutter of the thousands of marketing messages they see daily from marketers who use more fragmented, less cohesive messaging. Customer engagement rates reach up to 96% on omni-channel marketing plans compared to 5.4% with single-channel strategies, and purchase frequency comes in 250% higher with omni-channel marketing and retains customers for future purchases at a 90% higher rate.

Don’t Be Afraid of User-Generated Content and Influencer Marketing

Do these online tools require careful monitoring on your part? Yes. Do occasional negative user reviews need to be constantly weeded out to make your marketing garden thrive? Yes. Does embracing these outside-source marketing elements have real pull with consumers, especially young ones like GenZ? YES! Stay tuned for an upcoming ECU blog that dives into the importance and impact of influencer marketing to learn more.

Lights, Camera…ACTION! Put Online Video Content in Your Marketing Spotlight

Comedian Lewis Black shares in one of his recent stand-up bits that over the past 10+ years, tech advancements have been amazing, even “turning my cell phone into a ****ing television!” It’s funny because it’s true. Just watch people on the street, in planes and airports, and even consider your own mobile device habits, and you’ll see that watching online marketing videos is more than just a way to pass the time; it’s a way to be a more informed consumer. Websites that include video content are 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than their text-only counterparts. Google places video-enhanced web pages higher in search ranks. Video creation efforts can be multi-purposed, too…for example, pull out the audio track as a separate piece for use in podcasts.

It’s Time to Reset Your Digital Marketing GPS

Like any media, messaging and branding plan, you should constantly monitor, analyze and optimize your Great Performing Strategy for online marketing. Sometimes your plan may just need a few adjustments with audience targeting, budgeting or tactics used. Other times, it may require a full break-down of all of your strategy’s parts to rebuild your fleet of digital marketing tools that will give you a smoother, more efficient ride to more brand recognition and market share. Those shining destinations are waiting for you, just around the corner.





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