We Stand Together

We’re more than just a marketing firm—we’re a force for positive change in our community. Our team members regularly organize food drives, volunteer days, and fundraisers, and we’re proud to be affiliated with several charitable events and causes. We understand that our success gives us a platform for helping others, and we use it every day.

IMPACTO Youth story

When ECU started this 501(c)(3) charity in 2013, our goal was to help at-risk kids and teens in the Washington, DC area recognize their potential and pursue their dreams. Today, IMPACTO is an award-winning charity that works with young men and women and schools, businesses, and other non-profits to create programs that change lives.

The Mission

The IMPACTO mission is simple: Inspire socially and economically disadvantaged students to have careers with opportunities for advancement, training, and mentoring.
Imptacto Youth

Our program areas include workforce development, leadership training, literacy development, and STEM/STEAM learning.

Workforce - Ready

IMPACTO works with students to broaden skills, and abilities to be successful in the workplace.


IMPACTO provides assistance to students to attend leadership programs that influence teamwork, critical thinking, decision-making, build confidence and motivation.


IMPACTO supports students through online programs that help young children get strong reading skills.

Stem & Steam

IMPACTO assists schools with tools and equipment that support STEM/STEAM activities and competition. We also connect young women to technology to encourage growing participation.

Dedicated to advancing opportunities for our youth!

Putting People First

The commitment to giving back and lifting others up is part of the fabric of our culture. It’s not something we save for holidays or weekends, but something we do every day. By empowering each other and those around us, we’re able to grow together and continually uncover new ideas and perspectives. We think this makes for a more compelling work environment, and a more fulfilling life.