Measuring success

After implementing the roadmap to establishing stellar recruitment strategies, marketers should start a journey of assigning value to each touchpoint to paint a compelling portrait using data for validation.

Measurement is the process of collecting data to determine the level of success.

The first step in measurement is establishing goals. Goals can be established as relative or absolute metrics, and there are three ways marketers measure:

  • Track events from which you have an idea about what’s happening (quantitative)
  • Ask people whom they know and how excited they are about your company (qualitative)
  • Monitor performance against a goal that has been set for conversion rates (relative quantitative). This will help establish if certain touchpoints were more effective than others at getting applicants through the pipeline.

Some Tips for breakout sections or highlighted boxes:


  • Create a compelling job description that motivates potential candidates to apply for the position you’re hiring for.
  • Include clear, detailed information about what makes your company an exciting place to work and why people should want to join.
  • Share content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook with images of employees in action (or creative photos around your office) as well as links back to your jobs page.
  • Use hashtags relevant to the industry/field you’re looking for talent in.
  • Leverage the often overlooked prairie of golden reviews you may have on Glassdoor or other boards. If you want the best applicants, let your current and former employees brag a bit about your values, culture, and career opportunities. Letting people know what’s good about working for your company will attract more informed applicants who are eager to take on such an exciting opportunity. Employee testimonials should be your window through which future candidates peek to experience all interlocked dimensional forces they will encounter once on board.


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