Niche and global job boards

Job board platforms are crucial to any recruitment process. Along with employer websites, job boards offer an opportunity for talent to research the company before applying. Niche job boards are often overlooked in favor of general-purpose ones like Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder.

Niche boards may not have as many candidates as the big platforms, but they offer a more relevant pool of talent to your business – you’re less likely to get applicants who don’t fit with your company culture or whose skills aren’t a great match for what you need.

While niche boards can bring a more qualified pool to your talent pipeline, industry defaults like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster all remain as the best option for exposure to the widest selection of audiences. From Glassdoor to Monster, well-established job sites have made it easy for candidates to research your company, its culture, and the benefits.

The key is in finding a balance between visibility on job boards and direct sourcing from niche sites. Whether you’re an early-stage startup or well-established enterprise with a strong digital footprint of unique content that will appeal to prospective employees at every stage of their career development journey—directly reaching out via LinkedIn with personal messages can be more effective than waiting for passive applications through traditional channels like or Glassdoor because if they don’t find you there first, they won’t come back again!

Your social media pages

Arguably the best touchpoints that keep your potential prospects hooked, social networks have grown substantially in recent years to entice a rapidly expanding audience across all industries and verticals. Savvy companies understand the power of social media and how to use it as a means for recruitment marketing.

Keep in mind that hiring managers are also on these networks, so you need to take extra care not only with your content but also with what is being posted by other users who may be advocating or disparaging your company culture or values. As an employer, which everyone should strive to be, you want top talent coming through the door excited about their new role!


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