Our Practice Areas

We help our clients solve hard problems-the kind that has lots of possible solutions, but only one optimal solution. And that’s what we strive to deliver.

From brand building to recruitment marketing, our work enables clients to address short-term needs and positions them for long-term success. Because even though contracts and engagements end, we’re committed to making an impact that lasts.


We’ve provided communications and marketing solutions to local, state, and federal agencies since our inception, helping them to attract talent, spread public awareness of missions and policies, and effectively engage internal stakeholders. We consistently earn exceptional CPARS ratings across every performance category, which is why our public sector portfolio continues to grow.


We work with commercial clients in a wide range of industries, applying our strategic acumen, technical expertise, and creative prowess to advance critical business objectives. Whether you’re a healthcare organization, government contractor, law office, or something else entirely, if you’re ambitious and innovative, we want to help you.


Our Work

Take a closer look at some of our latest work below and imagine what we could do for you.


General Advertising

HR Marketing


ECU holds a variety of certifications that allow us to qualify for more opportunities, serve a wider range of clients, and work with a broader spectrum of partners. We’re proud of our heritage, and these certifications demonstrate our ongoing commitment to achieving greater diversity in business.