Planning your marketing? Evaluate new media options

Measuring metrics blog part 2

In the last blog we provided steps to help you evaluate your marketing results as you plan for another new (and unpredictable) year.

The first step was to take stock of your marketing performance. This blog focuses on exploring potentially new media options for your advertising dollars and audience engagement.

Step 2: What’s new?

The communications toolbox keeps getting bigger.

It seems like every month there’s an “in” social media channel, countless blogs, engaging podcasts, and even more news feeds to compete for the eyes and ears of your customers.

So how do you know which media to choose to spend your hard-earned advertising money?

It starts by knowing your audience – and how they consume media. Consider the age, gender, location, education and other demographics and psychographics of your audience. How do they spend their day? How much time are they online? Do they spend lots of time commuting? Are they active users of social media? Are they cord-cutters, relying on streaming services for entertainment and information? Are they digital natives, early adopters or prefer traditional media?

Once you have a handle on your sweet spot, review last year’s result for any tweaks that need to be made. Is there an advertising medium that didn’t work or performed better than expected?

Next, consider adding new elements to your plan if needed. Again, proven and trusty may be better than new and shiny but there are always additional options to think about. Based on your past performance and knowledge of your audience:

  • Are your audiences engaging more on different platforms? Think about the growth of TikTok, the video sharing app, for example. A year ago it may not have been considered influential enough but now – especially if you have fresh video content – it’s worth looking at. More people have cut cable and are focused on streaming. Can you better reach your audiences there?
  • Do you need to revise and update your online search keywords? Google Search remains a powerful marketing tool, and getting good results requires constant optimization. When was the last time you adjusted your keywords to attract important audiences?
  • Have you considered podcasts? They continue to increase in popularity. How can you take advantage of this listen-on-demand trend to position your business or organization?
  • Are you truly integrated? Sure, you may have a Google presence and some advertising but are you layering in strategic communications? Tactics like blogs, media relations, organic social media, events, speaking opportunities and other public relations tools could help to amplify your messages.
  • Do you have an email engagement campaign? A successful campaign provides opt-in recipients with fresh and relevant content. But are you properly analyzing the results and following up with leads?

In the next blog we’ll look at Step 3 – creating the marketing plan.

In the meantime, contact us to determine the best new ways to market.


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