Digital Marketing

Marketing to Generation Z Audiences

Marketing to Generation Z – Their Multitude and Buying Power Prove that Youth is Not Wasted on the Young Over the last 100 years in the United States, there’s been a trend to categorize different generations based on their behaviors. There was the Greatest Generation – people born in the 1920s who volunteered to fight …

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Influencer Marketing

The Growing Power of Influencer Marketing

Consumers Are Listening – But Not Always Just to You   The growing power of influencer marketing is very much like the “Telephone/Whisper” game. You may ask, “What is that?” When you were a child, did you ever play “The Telephone Game?” It was also called “Whisper” or “Pass the Message.” A bunch of kids would …

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Digital Marketing Direction

Headed in the Best Digital Marketing Direction?

GPS – Great Performing Strategy Are you headed in the best digital marketing direction?  In today’s (and tomorrow’s) marketing world, digital is king. You already know that as a business owner or digital marketing specialist, and as a consumer. But if digital marketing is king, advancement in that sphere is the queen. The queen is …

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Recruiting Employees

Employee Recruitment – Getting Creative

Employee Recruitment has become an increasingly difficult task for companies.  With the “Great Resignation,” telecommuting, and companies struggling to compete for qualified candidates, recruitment advertising and getting creative have never been more needed for HR departments. Current Job Market  Many markets are cyclical, real estate cycles between buyer’s and seller’s markets, and stock trading cycles …

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Entrepreneurship Right for You?

Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?  The Explosion of Entrepreneurship also called “The Great Resignation” – or a better name, “The Great Empowerment” – is making strides for 2022. One of the hard-to-find good needles in an ugly COVID-19 haystack is the expansion of new, independent freelancers and businesses in the U.S. and around the world. …

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Measuring metrics blog part 2

Planning your marketing? Evaluate new media options

In the last blog we provided steps to help you evaluate your marketing results as you plan for another new (and unpredictable) year. The first step was to take stock of your marketing performance. This blog focuses on exploring potentially new media options for your advertising dollars and audience engagement. Step 2: What’s new? The …

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Marketing Planning Part 1

Assessing your 2021 marketing performance

Reflecting society at large, marketing has had another topsy-turvy year. Pandemic recovery is still under way. Supply chains are out of whack. Consumer confidence is on the rise but buying habits have changed, perhaps forever. So how in the world are you supposed to create a marketing plan for your business or organization in this …

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