Talent Acquisition

Find the Best Talent.

And Keep It.

For nearly every organization, finding and hiring talented people is a business imperative. The right talent can bring even the most ambitious goals to life. Without it, the status quo is hard to shake.

Ecucomm helps clients develop and execute strategies to meet a variety of recruitment needs. We can launch nationwide awareness campaigns to elevate an employer brand, facilitate local partnerships to bolster talent pipelines, or deliver targeted marketing solutions that enhance online and offline interactions with prospective hires. Working with us, clients are able to find and keep the talent they need to maintain a resilient workforce—today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Our Custom Talent Acquisition Solutions

  • Change management expertise to help you refine hiring and recruitment processes.
  • Finding and attracting candidates who can meet our clients’ qualifying criteria.
  • Enterprise accounts with major job boards and advertising networks to maximize your reach.
  • Performance tracking for all digital recruitment assets to ensure continual optimization.
  • Analytics that allow you to understand candidate expectations and improve perceptions.
Frequently Asked Questions About Recruitment Campaigns

Clients in both public and private sectors have been intrigued by how we’ve helped clients with Recruitment Campaigns. We’re providing answers to the two most frequently asked questions.

Why is Talent Acquisition so Important to Companies?

Recruitment Campaigns and Strategic Communications go hand in hand in today’s culture. The HR and marketing departments used to work independently but attracting and retaining talent is harder than ever and have made it imperative to implement recruitment campaigns. Recruitment campaigns showcase a company’s brand, culture and enhance brand awareness, with the overall goal to elevate and promote the brand to attract prospective employees.   

What are Best Practices in Recruitment Campaigns for Capturing the Attention of Job Seekers?
  1. Have a detailed picture of your ideal candidate that includes their level of education, experience and skill set. Having a comprehensive list of preferred characteristics or qualities will help to fine tune the job description.
  2. You have one opportunity to make a first impression. The job description is a job seeker’s first impression for your company and the position.  Make sure the job description is accurate, enticing and provides all pertinent information.
  3. Use digital marketing wisely for your recruitment advertising. Each social media platform has a specific audience.  Make sure you are using the preferred outlet, and don’t waste time with platforms that aren’t relevant to the talent you’re trying to attract.


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Use Summer Downtime to Work Up Digital Outreach

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Federal Agencies are Focused on Recruitment Advertising

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