The World has Changed Dramatically in Just a Few Weeks

Your marketing plan is likely on hold, your events canceled or postponed, your own stresses magnified as your own life is upended.

Your marketing plan is likely on hold, your events canceled or postponed, your own stresses magnified as your own life is upended. You’re probably re-evaluating your strategies and messages since your audiences are likely distracted keeping their businesses – and homes – going.

Content is important during this difficult time. Customers need to know how you’re adapting to serve their needs. Our many years of experience have taught us that creating new, exciting, and eye-catching content can be frustrating, especially when other deadlines get in the way – or, in this case, a pandemic. We’ve learned a thing or two about how to adapt our content to improve our brand – and we want to share some of our best practices as you adapt to new realities or plan for what’s next.

Competition is King
One thing that we’ve learned about content creation is that competition is key. Without it your business becomes complacent, your ideas stagnant, and your audiences bored. Our suggestion is to use your competitors to your advantage. See what has and has not been working for them, and how you can build off their ideas. What lessons can you take from their misgivings and their successes? How can you tweak their ideas to both fit and benefit your brand?

Current Trends
Similarly, use current trends and platforms to your advantage. Every day, new trends and platforms are being created to help you more effectively and creatively reach your target audiences. It may be a new GIF, a new meme, or a new graphics platform that will help you better reach your intended targets.

Measure Your Metrics
Despite creative ideas, you still need to rely on tried and true methods to measure success. Successful brands are those that know what type of content their audiences engage with the most when they engage with it, and on what platform. Does your audience engage more with videos posted in the morning or graphics posted at dinnertime? Know your audience, know what they engage with, and know what their habits are. And as always, we are more than happy to help you with content creation. Just give us a call.


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