Who are you, anyway?

You’ve heard the question: So, what does your company do?

How do you answer? It shouldn’t be too difficult.

But like that elevator moment – when you have 15 seconds to make an impression – your answer may not always flow the way you want it. After all, some businesses can be complex or challenging to describe easily – especially when you’re not prepared and you have just a blip of time.

That’s why you’ll need to be ready and rehearsed with your organization’s key messages, or talking points – especially if we get to see more in-person networking events and activities in 2022. Key messages pervade other communications as well – from marketing material and news releases to social media posts and emails.

These key messages can include:

  • Short and concise words or phrases that describe your business. Not just what you do, but who you serve, the value you provide and the problems you solve. Forget platitudes such as “We are the third-largest maker of widgets in the world.” Try this instead: “Our products help people get more out of life.” Be aspirational in your messages. Think big.
  • What you want your stakeholders to remember the most. Think about that elevator ride where you get a few seconds or floors to have a conversation. Knowing your key messages will help you cut through clutter to deliver the right talking point to the right person. When that elevator door opens – or you’re on to another conversation – what is it you want people to know the most? What is the biggest takeaway so they know more about your business or organization? This takes some effort but once you’re prepared you’ll be ready for your next conversation.
  • Your most important messages. Every organization large or small has a lot to talk about. So it’s always best to have your most important messages ready so you don’t overwhelm someone you just met. The key here is the Rule of 3 – and we’ll address that in our next blog.

In the meantime, we can help define your key messages – and how to best activate your messages across multiple media platforms. Contact us to learn more.


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