Why customer experience matters

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but as customers’ lives are changing in the digital age, so too must the customer experience.

Customer experience is the sum of a customer’s perceptions about a company’s services, products, or offerings. It starts with the “surround sound perspective,” which is every touchpoint of a customer’s journey, including their emotional responses and how they perceive goods or services from start to purchase. Brands that do not take this into account risk being left behind and unable to communicate with their target audience.

Holistic customer experience is the primary focus for some businesses (such as retail), while other companies may only focus on providing a good customer service that serves their customers’ needs. And there is a world of differences between the two approaches.

The way in which customers perceive those interactions determines whether they remain loyal to that brand or not. Ultimately, a positive customer experience can translate into a company’s success and failure.

Companies that offer services to consumers must ensure there is consumer understanding of how the service works and why they need it. A good customer experience is the combination of an individual’s perceptions about a company, its offerings, and its interactions. This includes their satisfaction with a product or service; their emotional responses to it (both positive and negative); how they perceive that particular offering from start to finish; as well as their final behavioral outcomes, including what they tell others about the brand experience. In addition, customers’ feelings about a brand directly impact their loyalty toward it.

A negative experience can lead to lost revenue, while on the other hand a positive one will result in increased business and customer retention over time.

Hany Anbar is ECU’s Director of Data Analytics and Customer Experience. Contact us to discuss what you need to achieve customer excellence.



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