Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is responsible for ensuring fairness and transparency in the financial services industry and promoting financial literacy among consumers. It launched the “Money As You Grow Bookshelf” book series to help parents educate their children about the importance of making sound decisions with money. ECU developed custom cover illustrations and layouts for each of the five books in the series, as well as inside wallpaper and secondary illustrations to help tell their stories.

Practice Areas

Research, Multilanguage Outreach, Financial Education, Creative, Illustration, Analytics

Campaign Highlights

ECU helped CFPB develop educational programs and materials based on proven learning methods and optimized messaging for diverse communities and cultures.

Key Facts

  • Performed research studies to collect consumer’s opinions on financial disclosures in English and Spanish
  • Developed recommendations for communicating with medical organizations and practitioners to share the “Money As You Grow” program with families 
  • Recommended development of educational materials
  • Designed and illustrated booklets for young children and their parents to gain awareness about financial literacy
  • Developed interactive No Fear Whistleblower Training modules for CFPB supervisors and non-supervisors 

Multilanguage Outreach

Financial Education

More Work

App Development

Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment Advertising