Private sector

We’ve been around the block…
and many other blocks.

They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While we generally agree with that phrase, we never forget that the parts that make ECU thrive as a whole -each one of our talented associates- have amazing and very diverse marketing experience.

Together, our associates have had decades-long relationships with blue-chip clients and shared strategic and creative thinking with the biggest CPG clients in the word. We’ve worked with global marketing powerhouses like Colgate, P&G, Ford Motors, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Boeing, Nestlé, all the way to innovative start-ups and successful local business.

Our team has extensive experience in:

Branding Campaigns

Social and digital innovation

Promotional and tactical efforts

Experiential events

So, you could say that ECU concentrates all this experience in consumer goods and services in one nimble marketing agency dedicated to give our clients the best, personalized attention.

It’s the Big Brand Experience + the dedicated service you need, all in one.