Public sector

We specialize in developing custom solutions that align with your agency’s values.

 512110  Motion Picture and Video Production

 519130  Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Sear Portals

 541490  Other Specialized Design Services

 541430  Graphic Design Services

 541511  Web Page Design Services

 541512  Computer Systems Design Services

 541519  Other Computer-Related Services

 541611  General Management Consulting

 541613  Marketing Consulting Services

 541850  Display Advertising

 541860  Direct Marketing Advertising

 541922  Commercial Photography

 541930  Language Translation Services

 541618  Other Management Consulting Services

 541820  Public Relations Agencies

 541810  Advertising Agencies

 541890  Other Services Related to Advertising

 541870  Advertising Material Distribution Services

 541990  All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

 611430  Professional and Management Development Training

 611710 Educational Support Services

Having worked with a multitude of government agencies, we have the experience to provide custom digital solutions that align with your agency’s values.

From brand building to recruitment marketing, our work enables clients to address short-term needs and positions them for long-term success. Because even though contracts and engagements end, we’re committed to making an impact that lasts.

We’ve provided communications and marketing solutions to local, state, and federal agencies since our inception. Ecucomm has helped them attract talent, spread public awareness of missions and policies, and effectively engage internal stakeholders. Ecucomm has been supporting client sector programs for federal, state and local governments since 2004. We’ve worked with BPA’s IDIQ’s, T&M, FFP contracts; we understand contracting, priorities, and budgets. We consistently earn exceptional CPARS ratings across every performance category. It’s a big reason why our public sector portfolio continues to grow.


Ecucomm holds a variety of certifications that allow us to qualify for more opportunities, serve a wider range of clients, and work with a broader spectrum of partners. We’re proud of our heritage, and these certifications demonstrate our ongoing commitment to achieving greater diversity in business. 


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